Two mums from Kings Heath are keeping positive through this lockdown by spending a little time at midday showing appreciation and thanks for people working on the frontline. 

Adele Cleaver (aka The Real Playful Mama) and Kezia Johnson (aka Kezia Soul) have been friends since primary school and are known for their playfulness and creative talents. They are using these skills to spread positivity around the community; showing their children that these days at home can be filled with creativity and gratitude for the heroes of our communities.

Adele Cleaver’s sister lives in Spain and after reading a heart-felt facebook post from her sister Simone, “There was a big clap & cheer and an amazing sense of gratitude and togetherness…. we also see our neighbours, wave to neighbours we don’t even really know… If that isn’t uplifting and good for the soul in what are also strange times, then I don’t know what is”. So the next day Adele decided to take action and took to her balcony for her first  #middaythankyou live on Facebook with her three year old. She was surprised that three neighbours joined in with a spontaneous cheer, “It’s great for feeling like I have company even though I’m stuck at home; I have a giggle and a wave to my neighbours each day”.   

Meanwhile she had already joined forces with Punch Records and put a call-out to local artists to offer Virtual Wellbeing projects. She had contacted one of Birmingham’s best loved soul singers Kezia Soul and she suggested teaming up with her childhood friend’s #middaythankyou. Kezia wanted to develop the #middaythankyou by dedicating a post each day to someone particular on the Frontline “It is great everyone is supporting the NHS staff but I also know there are carers, supermarket workers, delivery drivers etc all going out to work each day to keep our country safe and well”. 

If you would like to dedicate a #middaythankyou to someone helping in the community please join Kezia and Adele with a photo or video on social media. You can sing your thanks, draw a “thank you” or even tell a joke. We all know that a little bit of playful creativity can motivate our workers during tough times.

Please share your dedications with #middaythankyou and #brumtogether

Nafeesa Arshad
Author: Nafeesa Arshad