Borrow, save, learn and share…at our welcoming local hubs where you can borrow items instead of buying. These can be anything from DIY tools, toys, sports kit and even gardening equipment.

Borrowing items instead of buying will help you save money, reduce waste and enable us to help each other by sharing more.

Access to equipment is just the beginning, you will also get the chance to learn how to do new things, share your skills or hobbies and have a say in what takes place at the hub.

share shack tools and equipment

About Share Shacks

The Share Shacks are local hubs which will enable communities to freely borrow items like tools/toys/sports kit/ gardening tools etc. These spaces will either be hyper local at a street level, within an existing community venue or developed alongside safe spaces such as the Community Cafes we are helping to open and facilitated with and through the Crowd.

Share Shacks is a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable alternative to buying occasional use items. It helps reduce waste and can contribute towards a sharing mindset to help people save money.

Share Shacks help Active Communities play a key role in supporting community capacity development, resilience and sustainability. Access to equipment, is just the beginning as we will be asking members to share skills and teach or provide classes to local people to learn new skill or hobbies in the space.  This will support with building deeper and highly valued connections between these members and the wider community.

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