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About Virtual Wellbeing : 

Our Virtual Wellbeing programme was initially developed at the start of 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We dynamically shifted the delivery of much of our well-established community events to virtual platforms to ensure communities could remain active and connected during this difficult time. With involvement in impactful campaigns such as This Girl Can included in our work, the TAWS Virtual Wellbeing programme reached out at a time of great need. 


As the world moves on and with many services returning to in-person-only delivery, we acknowledge that for many, face-to-face delivery was never right for their needs and for some, it’s about having a stepping stone before they can look to returning to the activities they enjoyed or would like to try. So, we’ve built in virtual delivery to the core of our offer and we’re looking at what we mean by ‘virtual wellbeing’ and growing and changing this again to fit the need. 

We offer our Virtual Community a regular timetable of our own activities delivered by physical, creative, and mental wellbeing practitioners, including special one-off events out in the community in a hybrid model. 



We also share other virtual wellbeing resources by partners and trusted sources. Follow us on social media for these and other updates on activities you can join.  

If you have any questions about our virtual wellbeing activities or if you or your group would like to  discuss the creation of a new activity to fit your needs please contact us at [email protected]   

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What's on this month!

If you would like to watch back our Menopause Webinar or access any of the support resources related to this, you can do so here.

I absolutely adore crafternoon sessions, they are very low pressure and afterwards, I feel all boosted for the day, and week. I've attended crafternoons even when I've felt like I don't have the social energy to spend, but by the end of the hour, I was talking and smiling.


Virtual Wellbeing Participant

It's been great to experience new classes, I would never have thought of trying had it not been for this Virtual offering. The teachers were friendly & knowledgeable and pitched the classes just right for me. Because the class was virtual I wasn't embarrassed. I enjoyed both very much and will definitely try them again.



Virtual Participant

I'm a big fan. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, even when I've not felt great mentally, by the end of the session I feel peppy and at least have smiled a few times.

The freedom to do my own crafts in my own home, but also talk to someone is wonderful. Its one of the highlights of my week!


Virtual Wellbeing Participant

Joining Instructions

Join a zoom Session

Zoom is a sociable way to join our events as you can see and meet other TAWS members.

You don’t need to download any software to join, but you’ll need a device with a camera, microphone, and speakers, such as a Smart phone, tablet or laptop. When you join you may be asked for your permission for Zoom to access your camera and microphone, this is safe, and you need to agree/accept this to participate fully and safely.

For health & safety reasons we need to see you, so we ask everyone to have their cameras on but might ask you to mute your microphone during physical activity events for the instructor to be heard.

To join a zoom class, please subscribe to our newsletter, so you can get the weekly joining links. You will need a wellbeing card number so if you don’t currently have one you can sign up here

If you’d like some guidance on using Zoom of how to get started you can read a handy guide by Age UK here.

Meet the Instructors

Coming soon!

Introductory videos to all our team and virtual activities!

Join Facebook Live Session

Our Facebook Live events are a great way to watch an event or activity with a higher level of privacy as your camera isn’t on. But there’s often lively chat in the comments section so you can still meet and talk with other people at the event.

To watch a Facebook Live event, go to our Facebook page when we are due to go Live and the video will appear for you to click on and the audio will start. Click here for our Facebook page.

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It’s always important to stay safe online, here are a few handy tips. 

Contact Us

Do you have questions about how to get involved? Would you like to work or collaborate with us on a virtual project? Do you have some feedback for us on how we can improve our work? Please get in touch! You can email us at [email protected] or give us a call to our main desk on 0121 728 7030

Our partners

As well as the activities we offer within TAWS there are a number of our partners and other trusted sources who provide recommended virtual wellbeing activities.  

Virtual Village Hall Online Activity Classes | Virtual Village Hall | Royal Voluntary Service 

We Are Undefeatable Home – We Are Undefeatable 

WheelPower – Wheelchair workouts WheelPower | Transforming Lives Through Sport 

Sport England Home | Uniting | The | Movement | Sport England 

Ella Beaumont Ella Beaumont – YouTube 

Witton Eco Hub Wellbeing Activities – Witton Lodge 

Versus Arthritis Versus Arthritis | All of us pushing to defy arthritis 

WE:ARE Domestic Abuse Empowerment Programmes | WE:ARE Birmingham ( 

Sense Our services – Sense