Brum Bites Back!

The Food Justice Network (FJN) is launching a very special campaign, Brum Bites Back today (11th Dec.)! We’re asking the people of Birmingham to bite back at food injustice in three simple ways – to host, give or share.

Here’s how you can get involved.

Host: We’d love you host a meal for friends, family, colleagues or teammates, and by doing so help to feed the whole city. The idea is simple, get together for a meal, then those guests who feel able would contribute to Brum Bites Back. They might want to donate what they’d have spent eating out, cover the ingredient costs, or pop a pound in the pot. We’d also encourage businesses to consider hosting a Brum Bites Back event or becoming a partner.

Give: The most direct way to help – donate to the campaign. You can access the Just Giving site here.

Share: Finally, we’d encourage anyone who doesn’t feel able to contribute financially to consider volunteering (There’s a map of FJN members here) or donating their skills. Do you have a contact who could help, knowledge that would be useful or time you’d like to volunteer? Let us know through this form.

We have a dedicated webpage and collection site, with all that you need to get involved, from recipe ideas, to hosting guides and frames for your social media photos. We want to see – and share – what you’re cooking! #BrumBitesBack.

“I visit the Community Café at Hay Hall most weeks. The lunch is hot and delicious. I can make new friends and the staff are very kind and helpful. It is especially helpful at school holidays when I bring my son.” ― Teresa

Brum Bites Back is necessary because food injustice in Birmingham is among the most acute in the UK. Data released earlier this year* shows around half the city’s citizens suffered some kind of food insecurity in 2021/2022. More than 70,000 children in Birmingham do not have enough to eat.

“We turn surplus food into 2,000 nutritious meals a month. All the food work we do is based on it being nutritious and accessible to those people who need it the most.” Vicky Hemming, Head of Food, The Active Wellbeing Society  

The Food Justice Network began in the pandemic when demand created a need for individual voluntary groups to come together to tackle food insecurity. It delivers vital support to, and campaigns for, some of the West Midlands’ most disadvantaged citizens. The Active Wellbeing Society has supported the FJN since its inception and maintains a role as facilitator and advocate.

All of the money raised from Brum Bites Back will go directly towards buying food, funding bulk purchases which can then be shared across the FJN, being able to buy in bulk will enable the FJN to save money. We’ll also work to ensure less food is wasted, and more surplus is diverted to feed bellies not bins. With your help we can make sure that Brum Bites Back at food injustice, and that the whole city can eat well this winter.


*Data from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities.

Alice Rosenthal
Author: Alice Rosenthal