Brum Bites Back

Say no to food injustice with the food justice network

This winter we’re asking the people of Birmingham to say “No” to food injustice through the simple act of sharing a meal. 

The Food Justice Network (FJN) is launching a very special campaign, Brum Bites Back.

We’re asking the people of Birmingham to bite back at food injustice in three simple ways  host, give or share. Brum Bites Back is part of the Food Justice Network, which supports and campaigns for those experiencing food insecurity in the city.  

Brum Bites Back is a social justice movement that encourages people to pay it forward – to share a meal with friends, family and colleagues, and as a result the whole city. We’d love you to get together and get involved!

All the money raised by Brum Bites Back goes directly to making bulk purchases of food which is shared across the FJN. Bulk buying allows us to make the most cost-effective use of your donations, ensuring less food is wasted and more surplus is diverted into bellies and not bins.

Brum Bites Back is an expansion of the pay-as-you-feel option already used at many city cafes and social enterprises. A range of resources will be available to support you on our website, including Recipes, Menu Cards and a How-to-Host Guide. With your help, we can make sure that Brum Bites Back at food injustice, and the whole city enjoys a tasty and nutritious meal this winter.


Bite back at food injustice with Brum Bites Back.

Donate to the campaign. You can access the Just Giving site here.

Here’s how your donations can help:

  • £10 will help a food bank buy 24 bags of pasta.
  • £20 will help a food bank buy enough fruit for two small families, for a week.
  • £50 will support a community cafe to purchase enough ingredients to feed 50 people.


We’d love you host a meal for friends, family, colleagues or teammates, and by doing so help to feed the whole city.

The idea is simple, you get together for a meal, and ask your guests to contribute to Brum Bites Back. They might want to donate what they’d have spent eating out, cover the ingredient costs, or just pop a tenner in the pot.

We also encourage businesses to consider hosting a special Brum Bites Back event, or to become a partner.


Want to get involved but not sure how?
We encourage anyone who
doesn’t feel able to contribute financially to consider volunteering at their local food bank or café. (
There’s a map of FJN members here.)

Or you can donate your skills by getting involved, sharing your time, knowledge or expertise.

Do you or someone you know have time to volunteer?

Are you an organisation looking to get involved? Let us know how you’d like to support us through this form 

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