Latest food provision and Food Justice Network Map

Below you will find the latest database with information on Trussell Trust foodbanks, independent foodbanks and pantries, community cafes and cooked food providers, on street food outreach and additional (non food related) support.


🟢 Green = Foodbanks referral only

🔵 Blue = Foodbanks open access/no referrals needed

🔴 Red = Free/Pay as you feel cooked food options

🟡 Yellow = Food pantries and low-cost meals

🟠 Orange = Warm hub – With food offer

🟣 Purple = Warm hub – Without food offer

Each location shown is an independent provider, and requirements and access information will differ for each location.

Shareable link to the Food Justice Network Map: Birmingham Food Justice Network Map

How to use the map on Google Maps:

  • Please make sure you have the Google Maps app downloaded.
  • To see all points on the map, or to choose a specific area, click ‘Map Legend’, and make sure all of the area names have a blue tick next to them.
  • There is a search function located at the top of the map, next to where it says ‘Birmingham Food Justice Network Map’. You can use this function to search for a specific term or phase, such as ‘hot food’ or ‘delivery’.
  • For further information or help using the map, please contact [email protected]


This resource gives contact information about alternative support and services, but it is strongly recommended that you contact the foodbank/group first to check if they are currently offering their food provision, and if so, how to access these.

Please note due to changes in circumstances after the time of publication, the accuracy of the information may be affected. The information may have changed without notice and The Active Wellbeing Society is not in any way liable for the accuracy of any information printed and stored or in any way interpreted and used by a user. We, therefore, encourage you to contact the organisation directly.

If you are part of a group offering food support, please use the following form to add a new location, or to request an update/edit to an existing location:
Request to change or add to the Food Justice Network Map

Warm Welcome Spaces have temporarily been added to the map. Some of these spaces also have the option of warm food or a food bank on site.

Warm Welcome Spaces can also be seen here on the Birmingham City Council website: Warm Welcome Spaces in Birmingham | Birmingham City Council

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