Stay Well this Winter

Winter conditions can be bad for our health, especially for people aged 65 or older, small children or vulnerable adults with long-term health conditions. The cold and damp weather, ice, snow and high winds can all aggravate any existing health problems making us more vulnerable to colds and flu’s during the winter months. But there’s lots of things you can do to stay well this winter.

Keep Warm

Keeping warm over the winter months can help to prevent colds, flu and more serious health problems.

Heat your home to a temperature that’s comfortable for you. If you can, this should be at least 18°C in the rooms that you regularly use, such as your living room and bedroom. Or visit a warm welcome hub, big feed cafe, or any of our indoor sessions, during the day.

You should also keep your bedroom windows closed at night. Remove any furniture from in front of your radiators and add some foil to the wall behind to help distribute the warm air. If you have a celling fan you can try and run it backwards to push the warm air down.  Or visit our Share Shacks to loan an electric blankets that you can loan to keep you or your loved ones warm during these winter months.

Keep Active

Try to reduce the amount of time you spend sitting down during the day. Break up your time spent being inactive by walking around your home or standing up from your chair during TV advert breaks or when you’re on the phone.

There’s strong evidence that people who are active have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and other long-term health conditions.

Regular exercise can help improve mental health, reduce the risk of falling and is beneficial for recovery if you do get ill. There’s many activities you could do at home, such as walking up and down stairs, dancing, gardening, housework, or taking part in our virtual Wellbeing classes. You can come along to one if our community hubs and join in on our indoor activities or crafting sessions. And we are still running our outdoor sessions too. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s something you enjoy and keeps you moving. Make sure to wrap up warm with thin layers, scarfs, hats and winter shoes, and always remember to stay hydrated.

Mental health support

We all feel down from time to time, no matter our age. But if you’ve not been feeling yourself for a while, talking could help you feel better. Speak to your social prescribing link work at your local GP practice, they’re there to help and can refer you to the right service.

Get Financial support

Make sure you’re receiving all the help that you’re entitled to.  There’s grants, benefits, and sources of advice available to make your home more energy efficient, improve your heating or help with bills.

Visit  and for further information.

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Sameena Bibi
Author: Sameena Bibi

Marketing Executive at The Active Wellbeing Society.