Swanshurst Seated Exercise and Walking Group: Lorraine’s Story

Lorraine has depression and uses a wheelchair. She had been speaking to her GP as her mental health was deteriorating and she wanted to lose weight. She felt that there was nothing available that could support her and she was just living from day to day. 

Lorraine’s GP referred her to us, and she began working with our Social Prescribing* Link Worker, Grace, to find support within the community that suited her.  

We connected Lorraine to our Seated Exercise and Walking Group in Swanshurst Park, which she has been coming to since the beginning of September. 

Our Seated Exercise and Walking Group enables patients to come together, benefit from being active and connect with others, regardless of their fitness abilities or experience levels – forming a community.  

Some members of the group prefer the seated exercise element, including Lorraine who participates in her wheelchair, whilst the others walk around the lake before coming together for a chat at the end. 

Being a part of the group has already helped her in countless ways, including with her physical fitness and weight loss journey. The group is so much more than an opportunity for her to be active. Coming to our sessions is an important way she can meet up with others, in a safe environment.  

Lorraine says because of the nature of the group, the location, and the instructors she feels comfortable being there, included in the sessions, and enjoys herself. At the moment, it is the only time she is without her carers and out and about, but it is helping build back her trust and confidence so that in the future she can do more.  

Our activities are open to everyone of all abilities and we support people with a range of different experience levels to join in, including those with physical impairments. To find out more about the activities we provide for patients and communities, or our Social Prescribing service*, visit our website. 

*Social Prescribing connects people to social and physical opportunities within their communities that support their wellbeing.

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