Crocheting at Listen and Lunch / Making Friends through Listen and Lunch

In May 2021, we launched our Listen and Lunches in Small Heath. They provide an opportunity for people to come together over tasty food and connect with others, in a safe, friendly environment. 

Maria, who lives in South Birmingham, has been coming to our lunches since June 2021. She contacted us as she wanted to find a way to connect with others through activities. Bwalya, who also lives in South Birmingham, joined in July 2021 after another local organisation signposted her to us and she joins in on our walking and cycling activities too. 

Through our Listen and Lunches we provide a space for people like Maria and Bwalya to meet and build friendships. 

“I enjoy coming here because we meet people, you have someone to talk to, a fresh mind outside of your house and your environment. You can make friends.” Bwalya 

“I like it here because the people are so nice… I like getting together because we get to know each other.” Maria  

Maria and Bwalya met when Bwalya joined her first lunch. On Bwalya’s first day, Maria brought a bag of crocheting with her. Maria is an avid crochet-er, whilst Bwalya used to crochet when she was younger, in Zambia, but lost interest as she got older. 

Maria reignited Bwalya’s interest in crocheting. They exchanged numbers and have been crocheting together ever since. Maria has taught Bwalya new patterns, and Bwalya is now crocheting a scarf. 

“I’ve got more of a [motivation to crochet] since I met Maria – she got me into it again.” Bwalya 

Maria and Bwalya enjoy crocheting as it helps their mental wellbeing. 

“Crocheting is a hobby… it keeps your mind occupied… you feel relaxed.” Maria 

“It relaxes your mind and keeps your mind active.” Bwalya  

Maria and Bwalya bring their crochet creations to our lunches, and we are hoping to host some craft sessions soon including crocheting, drawing and wreath making.  

If you, or someone you know, would like a safe space to talk or to be connected to activities that can support your wellbeing, our Listen and Connect service may be able to help. To find out more, give us a call on 0121 728 7030 or visit our website 

Author: admin