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Villa Cross Soup Kitchen provides a hot meal, clothing, advice and assistance to people in need.  We joined Ben Jones, cartoonist giving away cartoon portraits, and spent Tuesday lunchtime chatting with people there.

We were interested in how we could support people in Lozells to become more ‘active’.  We were asking people to sit still while they were drawn as a first step, which might seem odd, but actually taking five minutes to listen to each of the people that were prepared to be drawn led to useful insights in to their lives and what we could do to help, and work with the local community and Villa Cross Soup Kitchen in the future.

‘We want to do all sorts of activities here.  [We Drum], It’s an old African tradition for weddings and birthdays, various activities in celebration. We want people to see what we do…It’s important to document it – we want to film it [Drumming]’

‘We’ve done chair Zumba before – that was good.  I’d like to do clay, other art activities.’

‘I’d do anything, we need more activities…I don’t think people know enough about us.’

‘When we went on a boat trip, that was great.  Just cruising around.’

‘I like to find out everybody’s life…This is very relaxing, something people need [chatting/drawing]’

‘I like colour drawing, any art.  We need to do more classes too…and meet more people here.’

Other activities people were interested in included walking, reggae music, Northern Soul, activities in parks, country farm trips, all sorts of arts and crafts, some of which the people we met were already very skilled at.  This was the first time we have come to Villa Cross and we’re all very much looking forward to meeting up again.

Villa Cross Soup Kitchen takes place at New Testament Church of God, 240-244 Lozells Road, Lozells, B19 1NP every Tuesday from 12pm – 2pm. If you have a general enquiry or want to know how you can help or get involved with the Soup Kitchen, please get in touch.

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