Donate Food and essential supplies

Help Our Communities

Members of the public are welcome to donate food, clothing or essential goods at any of our distribution centres. We are also happy to take any short date goods, as we can turn these items around within 72 hours. 

We also welcome food donations such as:

Cereal | Porridge | Pasta | Rice | Gnocchi | Tinned soup | Tinned tomatoes | Baked beans | Pasta sauce | Cooking sauces | Lentils, beans and pulses | Tinned meat | Tinned vegetables | Bread | Cakes | Long life breads like croissants/pain au chocolat/rolls | Tea| Coffee | Sugar | Tinned fruit | Tinned custard | Tinned rice pudding | Crisps | Biscuits | UHT milk | Squash | Cooking oil
Vinegar | Stock cubes | Tomato puree | Dried cook-in-sauce packets

We also accept flour – chapati / plain / self raising

Longer life fruit and vegetables: Onions, Garlic, Potatoes, Carrots, Parsnips, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Apples, Pears, Oranges

We also need food that can be made with only a kettle such as: Pot Noodles
Cup-a-Soup, Mug Shots

Please drop off all donated items to:

Aston  University Students’ Union, B4 7BX

Donations can be dropped off Monday to Friday 9am – 12pm

#Brum Together

The Network of Partners

If you cannot drop off donations - contact us

We have very limited resources to collect food although we will try our best. If you can drop off items to us that would save time and help us deliver more food parcels. 

Help Our Communities Rebuild

Make a donation via our Just Giving page (all money received will go directly to the purchase of food items, hygiene packs, baby packs, & activity packs for kids

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