Community Meals Partnership

The Food Justice Network (FJN) is launching a new Community Meals Partnership. We want to use food to build networks and strengthen communities. Great things can happen when people sit down to eat together. Sharing meals can break down barriers, introduce people to new experiences, overcome loneliness and even support mental health. A community that eats together can become better connected and stronger, and we want to play a part in that.

The Food Justice Network supports and campaigns for those experiencing food insecurity in the city. Most community food projects that make up the FJN rely heavily on quality surplus food, but that is getting harder to come by, for a variety of reasons. This reduction in waste is good for the environment but adds to the difficulties faced by food projects across Birmingham. We are aware there is still surplus in the system, and we want to find it and divert it to where it’s needed most.

That’s why we’d love Birmingham businesses to sign up to the Community Meals Partnership and help to relieve some of this pressure. Here’s how it works:

  • Your sponsorship covers the cost of buying a tonne of food – enough to feed 2,000 people.
  • The sponsorship includes a community meal, which provides food, and volunteer opportunities for your team and allows them to see the benefit this initiative brings.
  • The rest of the purchased food will be shared with FJN projects across the city to support people facing food insecurity.

Basic sponsorship of a Community Meal costs £1,500. This is enough for us to pay for one tonne of fresh fruit and vegetables, plus the time of our team of trained kitchen staff to help you successfully deliver your Community Meal event. Sponsorship of £2,500 buys one tonne of store cupboard food, such as canned or dried food. 

We know that people in Birmingham are facing unprecedented difficulties, and we know that compassionate businesses want to do more to help them. This offer will allow you to contribute towards providing quality food for people across the city, while introducing you to the projects who support them throughout the year.

Alice Rosenthal
Author: Alice Rosenthal