Our founding board members are truly very special to us and believed strongly in our mission very early on. David, Ifor, Sam, Carol, Lisa and John were the first group of individuals who worked very hard to get us started and where we are today.

The founding board members shaped the work that we did while we were still based in Birmingham City Council, and helped to safely steer the services out of the council and into being as The Active Wellbeing Society – a community benefit society.

They were responsible for bringing together the original business plan and all the due diligence necessary for the TUPE of the assets out of the council. They bought with them a wealth of experience from a range of sectors.

They put in place the foundations of the organisation, and while today it looks very different to the council based services they worked with us on, our success as an organisation is due in part to the support and strategic guidance that they gave the organisation before it was even an organisation in it’s own right.

David Cox OBE

Dr Carol Coombes OBE [1962 - 2019]

Sam Porter

Ifor Jones