The Book Project

The Book Project: Connecting communities, encouraging physical activity, reducing waste and sharing the love of books!

The Book Project was designed and implemented at the height of the covid-19 pandemic. As we have appeared to have returned to a more open way of living, the need for certain elements of the project have naturally fallen away. We are taking this time to evaluate which elements are still wanted and needed by our local communities so will be putting some aspects on hold for the time being.

There is still the need for a bit of escapism in every day life but with the reopening of charity shops to drop in your book donations and the reopening of libraries, some elements are not as strongly desired.

We still hope to be able to encourage sharing, increasing physical activity and exploring our local areas so please do get in touch if you want to know more or get involved. We will still be taking requests for books for those unable to access their local libraries or for those without funds to buy books so please do continue to complete the request form below or join our Facebook group where group members often share books they have read.

Feedback on the project is welcomed as we hope to use it to inform our next steps. Please send any feedback to [email protected]

Donating Books

We are currently not accepting book donations. From time to time, we may put out special requests but currently have a good stock of books previously donated to fulfil the parts of the project that will continue.

Hosted boxes on your street

We will be reassessing the hosted book boxes. The dream plan is to have permanent book boxes across the city. Hopefully we can relaunch this in the future. Keep an eye on out Facebook page for details or email with the area that you live in and we can let you know if there is a box near you.

Walking Book Group

We currently do not have any walking book groups but hope to trial some more in the coming months. If this is something that you would like in your area and you’d like support in setting it up, please get in touch. Each month there is a theme from which to choose your book and we will go on a walk as a group to chat about the books that have been read.

Volunteer With Us

We always like to hear from interested parties who want to be involved and volunteer. Please email us to get express your interest and we will keep you informed and also let you know about other volunteering opportunities in the mean time [email protected]

Community Box Sites

If you are an organisation, shop, business, doctor’s surgery and would like to host a
box where people can collect free books from please get in touch via email
[email protected]

Join Our Online Community

Join in the conversation online sharing your journey to your book, mini reviews (no
spoilers please!) and specific book sharing. Click here to check out the Facebook group!

We still value your voice even if you don’t have Facebook so feel free to share your stories with us via email
too [email protected]

Request a Book


Request a Book

Our book requests are continuity for individuals who are unable to get to one of our collection boxes, you can request a book by filling in the form below. We can only deliver books to those in the Birmingham and Solihull areas and hope to get a book to you in approximately 14 working days from the date of your request.
We will aim to fulfil all requests but we are reliant on the donations we have received.

'The Book Project' Request Form
You will receive a confirmation message after clicking submit if the form is completed properly If you do not receive this confirmation message then please check you have filled in all fields correctly and retry.

Request Details

Please provide details below about the recipient of the book being requested.
We aim to deliver 1 book per person, per request but are reliant on donations so the more options the better.
By submitting this form and personal details you are permitting us to store your information and contact you by these means if we need to obtain further information. The personal information that you provide here will only be used to contact you about supporting local citizens and may be passed onto our trusted partners who are distributing essential supplies to local citizens. You also acknowledge that you have read our privacy notice (found on the footer of this website) and consent to our processing your personal data in accordance with it. You will NOT be entered into any digital marketing emails by completing this form.