Social Prescribing Day 2023

Today on the 9th of March 2023, The Social Prescribing Network are celebrating #SocialPrescribingDay. Highlighting the importance of social prescribing and demonstrating the positive impact it can have on people’s health and wellbeing .

At the Active Wellbeing Society, we’re proud to be joining the rest of the social prescribing network to celebrate the successes and achievements of social prescribing and the amazing impact it has on people’s health and wellbeing. 

In partnership with our Primary Care Networks and Our Health Partnership, we provide patients with the best possible support and provide a bespoke Social Prescribing service starting with personalised care in and around practices.

We have Social Prescribing Link Workers in some of the most deprived areas of Birmingham and Solihull, who provide personalised social prescribing interventions, giving people choice and control over their care. As well as helping to take some pressure off of the NHS – it’s estimated a fifth of GP appointment time is spent on non-medical issues.

So what is Social Prescribing?

Social prescribing is a non-medical personalised care service that addresses social factors that affect our health like loneliness, stress, or isolation, which cannot be treated by medicine alone.

It connects people to practical and emotional community support, through link workers, based in GP practices and through self or agency referrals. Link Workers are given the time to build trusting relationships, starting with what matters to the person, create a shared plan, then introduce people to community support.

At The Active Wellbeing Society, our Social Prescribing Link Workers work with over 50 different surgeries across Birmingham, to identify and support patients by referring them into a range of non-clinical activities including volunteering, social groups, gardening sessions, befriending calls, cookery classes, healthy eating advice and family activities.

Our Social prescribing link workers provide tailored interventions centred around the individual. They work to help and support patients with range of diverse needs, offering and signposting them to support and practical advice that makes a difference to their lives.

Social prescribing is more than just a service for individuals. It has a positive impact on the community as a whole by fostering collaboration, promoting co-design and co-creation, and building bridges between communities. Social Prescribing enables and empowers individuals and communities to take control of their health and wellbeing.

On this Social Prescribing Day, let us celebrate the power of social prescribing and work together to ensure that it continues to thrive, putting people and communities at the heart of their health and wellbeing.

What do people say?

 “What would I do without people like you, and the service you provide. I feel that things are moving and improving and due to all the services that are in place. I feel less lonely and isolated due to the visits. A lot of action from one phone call.” 

 “Health-wise walking has reduced my weight and I feel healthier. I am out for 7 days a week, which never would have happened before, I have told my family if I could stay at these activities longer I would. I really enjoy the gardening class and the yoga and Pilates.”

 Part of the offer is Bikes on Prescription:

 “Bikes on prescription has the ability to change lives for patients who experience the greatest inequalities. For many, owning a bike and cycling simply isn’t an option and we have seen the initiative give patients and their families a chance to access non-medical support to improve their mental and physical health” Dr Suleman, Clinical Director Bordesley East Primary Care Network.

 “The bike was my medication. If I didn’t get the bike, I would have needed medication which I didn’t really want. I don’t go to the doctors as often now, just for check-ups really.”

“It’s improved my confidence and legs and strength. My breathing is so much better – I am less breathless. My diabetes has improved.”

  Click here to find out more about our Social Prescribing programme. 

Sameena Bibi
Author: Sameena Bibi

Marketing Executive at The Active Wellbeing Society.