Samuel’s Story of Strike-A-Chord Glory.

The Active Wellbeing Society has been following the journey of Samuel and his growing achievements in setting up music sessions for the community. Samuel is the founder of Strike-A-Chord, an uplifting fun-filled project in which the Over-50’s and Over-60’s learn how to play the keyboard! This non-profit endeavour fosters togetherness and social interaction while empowering the ageing population to overcome isolation and loneliness.

Strike-A-Chord’s story began with Samuel’s father  “He would repeatedly ask me [to teach him to play the keyboard], he wanted to learn how to play”.  Before Samuel found the time to tutor his father, his father sadly passed away. This led to the inception of strike-a-Chord, Samuel believes his father’s wish has been fulfilled in the lives of those who benefit from Strike-A-Chord.

As Samuel focused on his career, he felt his health declining and was deemed unfit to work. During this transitional period, Samuel and his son were living at Cobden Hotel, he and his son attended The Active Wellbeing Society free, fun multi-sports festival at the Cobden Hotel in partnership with Barnardo’s, who relocated him to Hodgehill.

Samuel and his son continued to work alongside The Active Wellbeing Society, and nurtured the idea of a street closure, filling the streets of Hodge Hill with music and laughter. At this point Samuel had been living in the neighbourhood for 4 months and not had much of an opportunity to meet his local community. He worked with the Active streets team to host a Commonwealth game inspired street festival with free sports, games music and food.

TAWS are doing a fantastic job, making a difference in society.

Initially, the attendance at the street closure was sparse, Samuel thought to himself “don’t whine, win”. Using the speaker, Samuel put his radio broadcasting experience to use by announcing to the neighbourhood the street party had begun, people began flocking to their street to party! “Every part of Britain was represented at that party. The musical instruments brought them together”.

The local Fish and chips shop came to support and provided free meals for the community.

 At the street party, Samuel felt very proud seeing his son showcase toys he had built from waste material. The Active Wellbeing Society is looking to collaborate in the future with Samuel’s son to deliver a session on how to create your own toy from waste material, this Christmas.

The Active Streets team are working with Strike-A-Cord to find a venue to host and provide refreshments at Birmingham’s first Christmas concert where the singers and musicians are over 50 years old! The “Strike-A-Chord Over-50’s Christmas Concert” will be held at St. Martins by the Bullring and intends to be “an uplifting Christmas celebration by the Over-50’s for the Over-50’s”.

If you have a talent you wish to bring to your streets, please contact The Active Wellbeing Society at [email protected] or call 0121 728 7030. Additionally, if you wish to hear more or speak to Samuel Johnathan, please contact [email protected].

Sameena Bibi
Author: Sameena Bibi

Marketing Executive at The Active Wellbeing Society.