Thank-you to outgoing Chair & Vice-Chair

With both sadness and gratitude, we announce that Councillor Lisa Trickett (Chair) and John Cornett (Vice-Chair) have stood down from the Active Wellbeing Society (TAWS) Board of Trustees after the last five or so years of compassionate stewardship and governance of TAWS.

Both Founding Board Members have worked very hard with us to embed TAWS as an organisation in principle on a page, through to where we are today – a community benefit society that puts people at the heart of what we do. They have safely steered TAWS putting in place the foundations of the organisation. TAWS today looks very different to the Birmingham City Council based services they worked with us on at the beginning, and our success as an organisation is due in part to the support and strategic guidance that they gave the organisation before it was even a separate organisation in its own right.

Among many of her accomplishments, Lisa has been a brilliant Chair, leading with tenacity, deep empathy and understanding of the communities we work with. She leads with fearlessness and courage and has represented and fought for us as we came off the page and into life. Lisa will be sorely missed.

John, with his audit expertise, has helped to steer the organisation towards robust processes and governance and his calm and patient expertise has added significant value to our work behind the scenes. As with Lisa, John’s input will be sorely missed.

Lisa and John leave The Active Wellbeing Society in a very strong position for continued growth, and we sincerely thank them both for bringing a wealth of experience from a range of sectors, for their generous support and guidance in their time here. We wish Lisa and John the very best of luck and opportunities in their future endeavours.

Until new Trustees are appointed, we have an interim rotating Chair in place from across the board members. Recruitment for new board members is already underway and we welcome applications from across the UK. We are keen to ensure we reflect the communities we serve and represent the widest range of life experiences and skills and this must include beyond Birmingham. This is a unique opportunity to play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of The Active Wellbeing Society, making a positive impact on the lives of communities in most need in the Midlands and beyond.

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Karen Creavin

CEO, The Active Wellbeing Society

Sameena Bibi
Author: Sameena Bibi

Marketing Executive at The Active Wellbeing Society.