Orange bike goes the distance

Mark on his orange bike

The Mad Summer Hare returned for a second time in 2018 following its hugely successful launch in 2017 by the organisers of the ever popular Mad March Hare. Mark completed all 100 miles on his free orange bike from Big Birmingham Bikes.

‘It was a great outing. The bike was a bit of a talking point on the start line with committed cyclists on expensive (lightweight) bikes commenting that I would never finish the course.’

The non-competitive bike ride includes some 6000 feet of climbing, 104 miles and approximately 7,000 calories used.   It’s a great scenic route, with classic Cotswold scenery, lots of friendly banter, and a gorgeous HQ at Umberslade Farm Park with lots of activity for all the family.

Mark reports the bike performed well throughout the testing ride, with many tough climbs:

‘It also made me smile when I saw the looks of disbelief as I ride up the steepest climbs, passing many of the light weight bikes, some whose riders were struggling and some who had decided to walk.’

Mark Southall’s epic journey is documented on Strava, and is one of the longest journeys we know our orange bikes have made – please send us your stories and photos about your free orange bike.


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