The Active Wellbeing Society Update March 2024

From the 1st of April 2024, the operating model of the Active Wellbeing Society will be different, in a move designed to allow us some lead in time to mitigate some of the potential reductions that we expect to see in 2025/26 in light of the recent Birmingham City Council budget decision.

We have ensured that our delivery capacity in the West Midlands is unaffected and will also continue to focus on delivery excellence, with a new flatter structure and more robust feedback loops. Adjustments to our operating model reflect our commitment to adapting to an ever-changing landscape so that we can sustain the vital work that we do with communities and partners. These are adjustments that will enable us to continue to advance our mission together with partners and communities. 

We see significant opportunities on the horizon for us and our sector and consider our changes integral to helping us remain agile and focused so that we can continue to work collaboratively with partners and communities to play our part in delivering the future we all want to see.  

In terms of contact points for the organisation, please see below: 

Delivery oversight in the West Midlands: Megan Smith

Delivery oversight in Essex: Sylvia Gentleman

Business Development nationally – Free Bikes: Julian Sanchez 

Business Development nationally – Food and Justice: Vicky Hemming 

Business Development nationally – Health: Denise Gabriel 

Business Development nationally – Young People: Alex Watson 

Funding and Partnerships nationally: Beccy Crosby 

Head of Finance nationally: Ramesh Balley 

Head of Research and Performance nationally: Susan Keung 

Head of Communications and Marketing nationally: Najira Khanam 

Chief Operating Officer: Joanne Hatton


Warm regards,

Karen Creavin 

Chief Executive 

Alice Rosenthal
Author: Alice Rosenthal