Join the Birmingham food conversation

Birmingham wants to hear from you about how you feel when it comes to food and the food choices you make.

Creating a healthy, affordable and sustainable food environment is key to making the city a place where all citizens can thrive and achieve their potential.

Here at The Active Wellbeing Society, we’re encouraging everyone who contributes towards community life to get together and influence the local ‘food system’. Families, young people, older people, businesses, schools, community groups, and employers need to be represented.

The local ‘food system’ basically means the process of how food is grown and transformed from raw materials into a tasty meal on a plate. This includes how it is grown and farmed, transported and sold to shops/markets and how it then is served and consumed. 

Birmingham City Council want to hear from people of all ages and communities on the food choices you make and how you feel about food. This is your chance to influence food policy as well as contribute towards a happier and healthier place to live. 

You can contribute by completing the following survey here

The survey asks about your background, the kind of foods you eat and your thoughts on food policies. It shouldn’t take more than ten or fifteen minutes to complete.

Also, all data collected will be anonymous, so you cannot be identified from what you have said.

The findings will be published at a population level, so you can also see how others feel. The answers will all be added up to form a summary of results and any comments made by you or others will also remain anonymous.

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