Fight for the right to vote continues

Join us on Saturday 15th September 3pm to 4:30 pm for a ‘Right to Vote’ walk starting in Victoria Square outside the Council House and visit where Birmingham people, politicians and activists fought for our right to vote. Contact Marcus Belben to find out more or phone 07784302283 to book your place.

The Active Wellbeing Society has been working with People’s Heritage Co-operative throughout 2018 to bring to light the vital role Birmingham people played in campaigning for our right to vote.  Find out more about key Birmingham figures like Thomas Attwood, John Bright, Hilda Birkitt and Catherine Osler. The Heritage Trail is part of 100 event taking place across Birmingham for Heritage Week.

The ‘Representation of the People Act‘ led to some women over 30 were first able to vote in the UK, alongside all men over 21 in December 1918.  We will be working with the People’s Heritage Co-operative and Saheli Hub and community groups in Lee Bank and Handsworth to look at events in Birmingham in 1918, the impact on welfare, housing and human rights,  and look at what is happening now in Birmingham.

The project follows events earlier this year, and a series of projects earlier which both the Active Wellbeing Society and People’s Heritage Co-operative have been involved in.  Please see the views of young people from Waverley School and Kings Norton School who took part in ‘Fight for the Right’ project in their blog and ‘behind the scenes’ video below:

Behind the Scenes – Fight for the Right – Funded by HLF from Sima Gonsai on Vimeo.

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