Join the Crowd


The Crowd is:

A network of citizens and community groups who want to see positive changes in their community. It’s where people share their ideas and resources to make more of life and better places to live. Whoever you are, wherever you live, come and join us!

We are:

Cooperative -at different times everyone can be both a leader and a follower

Collaborative – it lets you make more of the ideas, resources, energy, time and skills you share

Open – anyone can join to gain, and share, the things they need to make more of life and better places to live

Gathering – in 2 years it will link one hundred thousand people and groups

A common wealth – of people and organisations that have made a link to Active Communities.

So, what’s the crowd and why should you join?

If you have a project, a group, an idea, a skill, energy, time or any other resource to share, or just a view on how to make life healthier and happier then join the Crowd to tell people about it. We’ll be sharing our resources, tools, training and in some cases funding with the Crowd to bring good ideas to life.

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