David’s Story- Community Growing

David was interested in finding a sustainable, social way of growing food in his local area. He had struggled to find a suitable growing space locally or meet other growers he could learn from.

Through TAWS, David was able to work with a local community group to reopen a disused community centre and kitchen –and together they identified a space nearby for growing.

The community worked with TAWS to get the land (which was covered in brambles, litter, and junk) ready and created Kingshurst Jubilee Community Garden. The garden has become an asset within the community, and everyone involved feels a great sense of achievement that they were able to reclaim this space.

Now, the garden is a place where people can go to socialise, relax, and learn about growing year-round.

“It creates a bridge between people, especially if you’re isolated…It’s just something to do. It’s something that you can focus on. It’s something to get out of bed for….if it wasn’t here life would be a lot more difficult, especially during Covid!”

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