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West Park Community Fundays

Tackling climate change across Birmingham

Diwali celebrated in Birmingham

Celebrating Black History

Real food not junk

TRJF Project food 1

Every Thursday Lunchtime make time for lunch at Ladywood Health and Community Centre, B16 8RP.  The PayAsYouFeel Lunch Café & Boutique is open from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm.


27th September 2018  |  Marcus Belben

Car Free Day in Birmingham

Food for thought on Perry Barr streets

Our partner Rufia was in-touch with us to organise a street event for all the residents of her road Dewsbury Grove, in Perry Barr on the 2nd of September. This the neighbourhoods second closure, that they’ve got behind this summer. (more…)

15th September 2018  |  Dominic Gill

Reclaiming the street

Findon Road

Findon Road

The residents of Findon road in Ward End undertook their first event with it’s accompanying road closure on the 1st of September. The weather was clearly on the residents’ side on this early Autumn day, the sun streamed down for the entire six hour event. Fortunately, a cold smoothie was never too far away. (more…)

10th September 2018  |  Dominic Gill

Celebrating Jamaican Independence

Action Day at Georges Park