#BrumTogether shortlisted for best Community Campaign

Each year, SMK celebrates the best campaigns and campaigners. SMK’s interest is in finding those who have made change happen – most effectively, creatively and courageously.

That change might be in law or policy; it might be in attitudes, social norms or behaviour; it could be in how services are provided, or in the protection of a service or asset. A campaign could be aimed at righting a wrong, or holding a body to account.

What everyone who has been shortlisted will have in common is the determination to secure a specific change that will make things better – whether for an individual, a local neighbourhood or for every single one of us.

The #BrumTogether campaign has been shortlisted for Best Community Campaign. This Award celebrates a successful campaign that has taken place at a local community level. It could be led by one or many but will have led to a change that benefits all or a significant portion of society.

The Change

#BrumTogether quickly grew into a network of over 85 mutual aid groups, community organisations and individuals, working together to provide critical supplies such as clothing and toiletries. Yet, more than distributing essentials, the network also became a way for people to connect, organise and build relationships.  

Together, #BrumTogether delivered more than 140,000 food parcels, cooked over 27,000 hot meals, and provided over 1,400 bulk food orders for distribution in local areas. Over 650 tonnes of surplus food were redistributed in 2020 – supporting thousands of individuals, families , and vulnerable adults. 

Community spirit and collaboration have been the driving forces of the #BrumTogether campaign. WhatsApp groups and regular Zoom meetings created spaces where anyone could get involved, share ideas and resources – members can post requests for support or offer assistance. A networked approach has encouraged ongoing collaboration between groups and individuals, involving everyone in the decision-making.

Karen Creavin, Chief Executive of The Active Wellbeing Society said “We are incredibly excited to be shortlisted for the Sheila McKechnie Awards and are so proud of all the organisations that took part in the #BrumTogether campaign to make this work possible supporting thousands of people across the city.”

Put on your glad rags, everyone’s invited!

The SMK Campaigner Awards are a time when the whole campaign community can come together. SMK believes that, especially through the pandemic, it’s crucial that we continue to recognise and celebrate the amazing campaigns, people, and teams who have worked so hard to make change happen.

In 2020, SMK streamed the Awards on YouTube which meant everyone could join in. Over 1,600 of you did making the 2020 SMK National Campaigner Awards the biggest yet. Watch it here.

For 2021, the awards will continue to be streamed virtually on Thursday 13th May 2021 at 4pm. Hold the date and for more information visit here.

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To find out more about BrumTogether search #BrumTogether on social media or visit https://www.theaws.co.uk/coronavirus

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