Active Communities – Children & Young People Field Lab Researcher Brief

Researcher Brief

We are looking for organisations/individuals to tender for the below short-term role as part of the Active Communities programme across Birmingham and Solihull. The work area that this role will support is the Children and Young People Field Lab, focused initially on the areas of Sparkbrook and Kingshurst.

Sport Birmingham, who are leading on ‘Children & Young People Field Lab’ will make initial introductions to the relevant schools that we are working with to enable the work to be conducted. There are two key parts of the work, as detailed below:

 Photo journaling: using disposal camera

  • 50 school aged children in each area (100 in total) ideally covering a range of ages
  • Develop consent form/guidance for schools and parents (age appropriate)
  • GDPR to be taken in to account
  • Developing user guidance (age appropriate)
  • Briefing session to group/school on what we would like them to do i.e. photo journaling
    • Taking photos of anything that helps them in being active i.e. the park, and anything that stops them being active i.e. parked cars
    • Note pad to record why they took the photograph
    • Each child to journal for up to 2 weeks
  • When photos are developed participants have the ability to remove any they didn’t want
  • Talk through photos with participants i.e. why they took those pictures, what they represent
  • Conduct a full analysis of the data

Focus groups

  • To deliver four tailored focus groups at each of the seven schools (28 total).
    • One focus group for each of the following four audiences at each school
      • Key Stage 1 Pupils
      • Key Stage 2 Pupils
      • Parents/Carers
      • School Staff
    • Script: provide scripts for use (develop questions age appropriate)
    • Conducted: conduct focus groups with each target group at each school
    • Transcribed: transcribe the scripts for use throughout the project
    • Thematic analysis: conduct a full thematic analysis of the qualitative data (focus groups).


All work connected to this brief will need to be completed by Friday 21st February 2020 at the latest. Our guide to timeframes being below:

  • Complete photo journaling and focus groups by end of January 2020.
  • Write up of report, completing the methods, analysis and full discussion of results with project staff by mid-February 2020.


Please detail on no more than 2 sides of A4 how you will complete the brief outlined above, including details of staff, equipment and plans.


Please quote the overall cost for the above work to be carried out in the identified timeframe. Within your quote, please include costs for all staff time and equipment required for the brief to be completed, with a breakdown for each costing.


The deadline for submission of proposals is Wednesday 4th December at 12noon. Please send completed proposals to James Grinsted –