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Saheli women have been participating in a weekly photography course working towards a visual exhibition representing a diary of their lives – Visualising Women’s Voices.

Over the past few weeks they have been learning camera skills and today went out to the boundaries of Moseley and Balsall Heath visiting several locations of interest and highlighted what used to be and what is currently there, such as pubs, churches and architecture.  When they returned to the Old Print Works we had lunch with them and then Dan Burwood, a local photographer leading the group.  He took them through the process of uploading and selecting photographs to tell their story, accessing a laptop and used the photo app Light Room to develop and improve their skills in organising and editing – selecting the images they had taken, sequencing and cropping their selected photographs.

Learning valuable photo editing skills with Dan Burwood
Learning valuable photo editing skills with Dan Burwood

The group includes people from Handsworth, Balsall Heath and Saltley, and the project will include visits to all areas local to the women – Everyone thoroughly enjoyed today and looking forward to the next.

“The best bit was when the sunlight came out and we could capture better photos”

“No one can step in to your shoes and take your photograph…You’re always learning when you see a photo – it can say as much about the photographer as it does about what’s being photographed.’

Dan provides cameras, but he stresses you don’t need one – most mobile phones have excellent cameras.

To find out more or join a photography group contact Saheli Hub.

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