Welcome to ProjectBrum

19030507_1349067165142464_6740059808244143987_nFor a project that is still in its pioneering days, ProjectBrum has already proven itself as a well organised scheme with a bright future and endless possibilities over the next few years.
Although it’s hard to gauge people’s true feelings towards the project, an overall positive attitude coming from those working with us this summer can definitely be felt. People were engaging and chatting through the ice-breaker activities and teamwork tasks given to us by Karen and Emma, and managing to stay concentrated and attentive or at least appearing so through the less exciting segments.
Overall I think the initial couple of weeks are going to be the hardest, as with anything new there are periods of awkwardness and lessons to be but as we progress through the weeks and start experiencing what the Wellbeing Service provides and gives to the residents of Birmingham on a personal level then people will find their places and settle into a comfortable routine and by September won’t want to leave.

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