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In light of current circumstances, The Active Wellbeing Society has made the decision to refocus its work in supporting our community.

This decision has been made in consideration of our members, their friends, families and the wider community, in accordance to government advice.

From Friday 20th March we will not be offering any of our regular activities, but will continue to work with our communities and adapt to support their changing needs- linking into wider city planning for Birmingham and Solihull.

We are launching a #BrumTogether campaign focused around bringing all our collective resources together to support those in need. There will be four key areas that make up the #BrumTogether campaign, and also shape the work we do beyond the city:

Befriending Service – a service to provide comfort, reassurance and a friendly chat, as well as share advice to anyone who is self-isolating over the phone

Food Distribution – we are coordinating feeding communities as part of the city planning, using projects such as the Big Feed Project, and collaborating with a range of organisations including Birmingham City Council

Virtual classes – we will be creating virtual content to deliver gentle activity sessions people can do at home, and signposting to information online to encourage health and wellbeing

Positive Stories – we will be collecting and sharing stories of kindness, encouragement and communities coming together- to provide some uplifting, inspiring and positive content when everyone needs it most

If you would like to support us with our efforts or for regular up to date information then please visit: Buy Cheap Tramadol Online Uk

You can also join the facebook group #BrumTogether and start sharing positive stories, photos and posts here: Ordering Tramadol Online Reviews

Please keep an eye on our social media pages and website for further information and updates.

Thank you for your support, #BrumTogether!