Food for thought on Perry Barr streets

Our partner Rufia was in-touch with us to organise a street event for all the residents of her road Dewsbury Grove, in Perry Barr on the 2nd of September. This the neighbourhoods second closure, that they’ve got behind this summer. The residents had requested that for this second event they’d like us to provide food from The real junk food project, a Poi workshop, our sports and street games as well, as our typical procedure of closing the road for a few hours to transform the road into a safe community space.­

One of the most important social activities all around the world is sharing a meal together, Birmingham is no different. The community had requested for us to provide food from The Real Junk Food project, this is a global movement aiming to abolish surplus food waste through a variety of pay as you feel avenues, they intercept food destined for landfill which has been used to feed thousands of people. My colleagues Grace and Tom used this resource to prepare and cook a delicious curry to serve up to the residents on the day. This was accompanied by the resident’s own dishes with an aromatic BBQ piping away during the afternoon. An Eclectic mix of music broke through the air with two of the younger residents typically stealing the aux.

Building on the last road closure, which was celebrating the 90th Birthday of one of the neighbours, a continued sense of community was experienced. Several families and friends commented on their enjoyment of ‘how nice it is getting to know each other’. The Poi session helped to build these relationships, as several residents put themselves out of their usual comfort zones, all-while having a light-hearted laugh. To take part in this style of art performance, which involves swinging tethered weights, rhythmically in various patterns.

The event was a resounding accomplishment, building on what was established last time. Moving forward the residents are debating when to hold their next event; either for Halloween or a bit later towards the holidays season. Along with this we are going to be supporting Rufia in the immediate area with a community of home schooled children in Perry park.

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