Some inspiration to help you beat Blue Monday

Blue Monday is, apparently, the most depressing day of the year. But it doesn’t have to be! Why not reclaim Blue Monday as the day you decide to start something new with The Active Wellbeing Society; whether that’s exercise, social activity, or a combination of both.

Need some inspiration to get started? Our real life stories could be just the ticket!

Gemma’s story

Anxiety sufferer Gemma was taking lots of medication and suffering with low self-confidence and poor general health and fitness. Find out how our 9 week Couch to 5k running activity changed her life:

George’s story

George joined a local pottery class as it was close to where he lived and aimed at older people in his age group. He enjoys the social aspect and encourages others to get involved to improve their self-esteem. Read George’s story:

Josephina’s story

Josephina came across a local walking group quite by accident; while picking up a prescription from her GP surgery. The group has more in common than just enjoyment of walking, and they enjoy sharing stories about the local area too. Josephina shared her experiences with us:

Naz and Kabir’s story

It can be expensive to buy and regularly replace bikes for growing children, which is why Naz loves the HSBC bike scheme. Thanks to the scheme his son Kabir was able to get his first bike and then trade it in when he needs a bigger frame for his height. Read how Kabir not only loves cycling, but maintaining his bike too:

Judith-Anne’s story

Judith-Anne hadn’t run in quite a while due to injury, and was finding it difficult and isolating to get back into an outdoor running routine. Joining a local running group helped her get back in shape and get her mojo back.

Shaf’s story

Cycling is obviously good for physical health, but Shaf credits it with improved mental health too. Shaf’s two children received bikes through the HSBC scheme, and that encourages all the family to get out more together in their free time.

With over 200 weekly sessions across the region, there’s bound to be something to suit you. Perhaps you’d like to try Tai Chi, or learn to ride a bike? How about family activities with little ones, or some community gardening?

Visit our events pages to find an activity near you and beat Blue Monday!

If you need help and support with your overall mental health, independent charity Birmingham Mind can help. For more information and contact details, visit the Birmingham Mind website.

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