Seeds of Hope in Kingshurst

Seeds of Hope, Kingshurst

On a beautiful halloween day we joined Solihull Council, Solihull Active, local organisations, local police and residents of Kingshurst at Seeds of Hope church hall to discuss what we can do to create a happier, stronger community in Kingshurst.

We wanted to understand what is happening in Kingshurst already and how we can work together to build a more inclusive, active community.

There are some tough challenges to work  but we were determined to find solutions and build partnerships to begin action in Kingshurst. Conversations focused on activities for young people, parents of young children, parks and crime.

‘We can make a difference to our community and we are determined to do it. There’s so much positive to see in [Kingshurst] people and in what we can do.’

Bringing people together in Kingshurst

Bringing people together

Looking for solutions – small group work across the room

Connecting People and Place

Mapping assets in Kingshurst

Mapping assets in Kingshurst


Kingshurst consultation illustration

Illustration of conversations on the day

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