Quick tips to add exercise at home

You can exercise anywhere!

A lot of people tell me that they don’t have time to do exercise or be active as they are busy at home being Mum. There are ways that you can get your heart rate up though doing everyday tasks.

Pop some music on when you’re doing your housework. It’s amazing how your favourite songs get your wiggle going, a little bit more effort when vacuuming or dusting and you break out into a little sweat.

Strength exercises are important as well as running. I know it sounds silly but when you’re brushing your teeth, get some squats going. That’s a good 2-3 minutes where there’s not much else you can be doing but this is a great thing to multi-task.

I love music so my tips will often include putting on your favourite tunes. So if you have stairs in your house, why not use the first step and use up, up, down, down for the length of a track? Radio edits are about 3 minutes long, a bit of time for you.

Do you walk the kid’s to school? When you’re walking anywhere, try swinging your arms a bit like marching. Get the kids involved too, they will think it’s fun and you’ll be getting your heart rate up a little too.

If you can add in some skipping or funny walking as you go, all the better. Getting fit with laughter is so much easier as it just happens accidently. Plus you’ll be working your tummy muscles if you’re laughing too. It all helps.

Ideally you want to as an adult do 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. You can build this up
with 10 minute slots so if you look at that it’s much more manageable.

If you need inspiration and support you can also join one of our group sessions, from Zumba to cycling, there’s a lot you can do and it’s all free! Visit www.theaws.co.uk/activities

Adeel Khan
Author: Adeel Khan