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Wellbeing Survey

Some Interesting things you told us in the Spring 2016 Wellbeing Survey

Health and happiness

Around 30% of people said they don’t feel that healthy and that they’re not that happy. 

However, when we looked at the relationship between happy people and healthy people, we found that 84% of those who said they felt healthy also said they were happy.

So it looks like if you want to be happier being healthier may help and doing any sort of physical activity will help you be healthier,

Physical activity

When we looked at the relationship between happy people and the activity they actually do there were some clear winners!

  • 1st        Walking the dog or Group Fitness Classes
  • 2nd         Playing with children or swimming
  • 3rd        Running or gardening

The good news is that 60% of everyone we spoke to said they want to do more physical exercise – which is great!

When asked what they’d like to do, some clear favourites emerged:

  • 16% go for a swim
  • 12% go to the gym, attend a fitness session or group class
  • 11% go for a walk
  • 10% go cycling
  • 9%   have a dance
  • 7%   go for a run or jog


Use of parks

Many of these activities you can do yourself in your local park and it looks like using your local park has a very positive link with your health and happiness.

  • 41% of panellists who use parks rate their health as good or very good vs only 25% for those who don’t use parks
  • 26% of those who use parks are very happy (score 9 or 10 for happiness rating) vs 17% from those who don’t use parks


So if you want to stay healthy and feel good why not visit your local park or Wellbeing Centre where we offer access to facilities and sessions free of charge as part of the Be Active scheme. Please follow the links below.

ParkLives Birmingham


18th August 2016  |  BrumActivities

Looking for support?

Why have a Community Garden on a Roundabout?

Run Birmingham

Run Birmingham offers you the support that you need to take those first few steps to a new and active you! Our Run leaders are trained to give you support and guidance, with specially designed routes to ensure that no one gets left behind and no one is ever out of sight. Sometimes you need that extra help to achieve your goal and that’s why we are here to help.

For information about current groups please visit




9th October 2015  |  Tina Bold

Run Birmingham – off the couch and into your city

RunBham_FINAL 479 x 359Get Together…..Feel Better…..Run Birmingham

Come along and join in  – every one is welcome

2km or 5km run, jog or walk ideal for all ages and abilities – FREE weekly activity.

Wednesday’s 9.30 – 10.30am at Aston Park, Trinity Road, Aston. B6 6JD

For more information please contact us:



Twitter: @RunBirmingham

To register for your free wrist band for Great Local Runs please visit





Thursdays 5.30pm—6.30pm

Meet at the play area Farnborough Fields

Wear comfortable clothing and footwear—bring a drink!



28th July 2015  |  Tina Bold

Getting Organised for Playing Out

OK, so you’re interested in playing out. What next? Well it’s remarkably easy, and following the last two years of ‘Playing out’ in Birmingham we’ve built a lot of support within the Council, across Moseley and Kings Heath, and across Birmingham. There are a few simple steps to follow, and we will support you to make sure all the correct procedures are carried out in good time.
We’re supporting streets closing between 1st of June and 9th August within Birmingham. In order to do this you’ll need to send an expression of interest by 8th May to including:

  • The road you are planning to close (and description of which part, if appropriate
  • The date(s) and times you are proposing to close the street
  • The street coordinator (a named contact)
  • Contact details of the street coordinator, ideally including a mobile number and email, to share with other street organisers
  • Any special requirements (i.e. negotiate bus diversion, unusual activities planned, specific instructions for road block etc.)

You’ll also need to deliver letters to houses affected by the your planned closure(s) by 23rd May. You can base this letter on this sample first letter. Active Parks have offered to print these, and will also confirm that your street is suitable for closure, and ask you to complete this short form.
You will then have permission from Birmingham City Council, and Active Parks will contact Amey, the council’s highways contractor, to arrange road closure at the day and time you need it.
You will need to send a second letter to your neighbours to confirm the closures – again Active Parks have offered to print these for you, based on this second letter template. All the planning is now in place, and you’re all ready to go!

15th April 2015  |  John Hill-Daniel

Reward Your World

BetterPoints_strapline_best_big_RGB 2Active Parks have teamed up with Reward Your World so that you can now earn BetterPoints™ for getting active in Birmingham’s parks. From simply visiting the park, to walking the dog, taking a Tai Chi class or volunteering to help a Friends of Parks group, there are lots of ways to pick up points. You can then exchange BetterPoints™ for high street vouchers or donate them to local good causes, including back to the park. There are currently 24 parks in the program with more joining this summer. Start collecting rewards today by registering at the BetterPoints™ website or downloading the app from the App store or Google Play.

16th March 2015  |  Tina Bold

Who’s coming out to play?

We’ve supported the Moseley and Kings Heath Playing Out group to open streets for play on National Play Day with great success for the last two years and we’ll be doing that again in 2015, but what we’d really like to see is residential streets across Birmingham closing to motor traffic and opening for play on a regular basis. The exciting news is that council leaders who support our initiative have invited us to discuss how we can give Birmingham residents this power over their own streets.

We are following the lead of the Playing Out organisation in Bristol, who worked with the council there to introduce Temporary Play Street Orders that allow residents to hold one-off or regular road closures through a process that is simple and free. If the idea of street play causes you any concerns, this page is recommended reading.

If you’d like to do this on your street, then please get in touch with us. You can do this by commenting below, or by emailing One of the great features of Playing Out is that residents come together to make it happen, so you’ll need to muster some willing helpers on your street. Take a look at for an introduction to how Playing Out works and lots of information and resources.

Quiet residential roads and cul-de-sacs are very easy to close, and in fact residents on these kinds of streets have been known to close their roads by mutual agreement simply by placing a parked car or bin to block the open ends of the road. We’d like to make this possible for those who live on busier roads, bus routes and even A roads, so please do get in touch even if your road is ‘hard to close’; these are exactly the kind of test cases that we need to solve to make street play available to as many children, and adults, as possible across the city.

11th March 2015  |  John Hill-Daniel

New Summer Programme

The new Summer programme of activities for the Spring and Summer has now been launched.

Keep visiting for updates on how the keep active for free in Birmingham parks and open spaces

4th November 2014  |  Tina Bold