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Dance-a-thon 2018

It’s This Girl Can Dance-a-thon time again!  If you’re interested, let us know and we’ll post you dates as soon as they’re confirmed.  Join for some fun and to get them talking about the positive impact exercise has on the body.  Here’s what people thought of our last one at Prizm nightclub.

“Very inclusive and non-judgemental, nice diverse group” Age 63

Feel the rythmn – zumba at the dance-a-thon

“It was a super fun and so well organised!  I have always wanted to go clubbing, so it was super exciting that this amazing event was in Pryzm – thanks you to everyone who made this event so fun!” Age 13

Glowstick dancing lighting up the room

“I liked that is was parent and kids.  I brought my neice, we met friends and they brought their teenage girls.  I like that different class styles were included and that we split off for more space.  The kids loved being in a night club!  We would definitely come again if it was a regular thing.  And I suppose this was the point – we will join classes now!”  Age 43

Our dance-a-thon dance team

“It was fabulous.  I loved meeting Lola with her African style – it was my first time dancing it and I really enjoyed it.  She is so energetic, positive and has a good attitude, she looks like she enjoys what she is doing.  Thanks for the event.”  Age 31

From classical to zumba, modern, freeform dancing
From classical to zumba, modern, freeform dancing

“Brilliant sound system, great selection of music and dance styles.  Loved the Turkish/African and 90’s.  Great instructors – not skinny minnies!!  I could bring my daughter and exercise and have fun together.  We both loved it.  Please make this a regular event!  Women of all ages, shapes and sizes – fantastic!!”  Age 44

And the dancing goes on on the second dancefloor
And the dancing goes on on the second dancefloor

“It was fantastic.  It was so empowering to be with so many other women.  Before we arrived my daughter was body conscious but it disappeared when she arrived.  Thank you so much.  Please put on again!”  Age 45

Round of applause for all those dancers!
Round of applause for all those dancers!

“it was very diverse and despite living in a multicultural city it’s not always relected at any one off event.  I don’t normally go for things separated by gendaer but I have to admit it is a good atmosphere where at the end of the day I think a lot of women felt a lot more comfortable.” Age 28

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