Ifor Jones

Ifor currently is Head of Communities at the Pioneer Group, having worked there for the last two years following retirement from a 30-year plus local government career.

He worked in a variety of management and leadership positions in housing and community services with a specific thread around shaping place based solutions ranging from more responsive locality solutions, neighbourhood renewal and regeneration and democratic engagement and community development. Starting his career in transport management with the London Lorry ban with the GLC, he worked for 18 years in London Boroughs in housing management and housing policy roles.

In Birmingham he led a community response to the closure of car manufacturing in Longbridge and the city’s approach to localisation culminating in undertaking the community governance review leading to the setting up of one of the country’s largest town councils in Sutton Coldfield. During this time he had responsibility of managing the as then devolved leisure portfolio and work led by our current TAWS chief exec in setting up the wellbeing service.

Ifor is currently active in helping to shape the community led housing movement through Birmingham Community Homes and advising the Pioneer Group on strategic planning and place based solutions.