Great beginnings for Book Club at Stanhope Hall

Reading a book can be very private experience, so why share what you read?  I met Angela Bernard, a volunteer from Stanhope Hall Wellbeing to talk about her new book club, and why she thinks books are for sharing.

Here are our five top reasons:

  • Meet new and interesting people
  • Read something new you wouldn’t otherwise read
  • Talk about things you think are important in your books
  • It’s nice to have some food and drink while you chat
  • Make friendships

Recent research even suggests it extends your life expectancy.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to Angela explaining why you should join her ‘Great Beginnings’ Book club:

Great Beginnings Book Club starts on Tuesday 27th March and continues every Tuesday after that.  It takes place at:

Stanhope Hall
6-7 Ketley Croft
B12 0XG

If you have a passion for reading or just want to make new friends then go along and join Stanhope Hall’s reading group – refreshments available.

Contact Angela – [email protected]

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