Fun in Meriden Park

Nearly 1000 people joined us in Meriden Park on a hot, sunny February afternoon to get active.

We worked with the incredible Meriden Adventure Playground Volunteers to make sure local families could try out activities and see what people wanted to do. Active Parks worked with Inclusive Sports to provide a range of games and sports from 12pm to 4pm to include Boxercise, Parachute running, Tai Chi and games. Our bike team fixed bikes all day and made sure the skate park was kept safe across the park. Birmingham City Football Trust were there for one-on-one football, our Run team organised two impromptu runs around the Park, while all the time Meriden Park volunteers had fun with children in their unique adventure play area, everything for FREE.

At 3pm a fire was ready in the Adventure Park to toast marsh mallows and have a hot chocolate with our Active Streets Team. The fire was supper hot, and we hadn’t anticipated the weather to remain warm. Luckily we had some extra donuts provided by the Real Junk Food Project Birmingham to keep everyone happy.

If you have any ideas for activities to bring people together in Meriden Park or elsewhere, let us know and join our Active Communities.

‘I wish there was a trampoline here’
‘I wish this was a climbing wall’

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