The Food Justice Network is a network of 200+ individuals, charities, community groups and public sector workers, working together to tackle food insecurity in Birmingham, UK. It was born out of the amazing work done by over 80 organisations and countless individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic, under the #BrumTogether campaign. This coordinated emergency response across Birmingham exposed the need for a city wide network responding to food insecurity, resulting in the FJN. 

Despite the worst of the pandemic being over, we are still seeing many more people – creeping into their hundreds – waiting in line, sometimes for hours at a time, hoping to get some essential food staples to feed themselves, their families and loves ones. They are relying on surplus food, food parcels and hot meals from charities, community groups and foodbanks as they can’t make their incomes stretch enough. 

With the cost of living going up, demand is rapidly increasing but frontline organisations are struggling to get enough food to meet this demand. Your support with time, food and money will allow these charities and groups to continue supporting people experiencing food poverty.