Everyday Wild Challenge

At times like this, we’re all looking for ways to relieve stress and anxiety to support our wellbeing, and nature is a powerful antidote. Spring has not been locked-down. The sun is shining (for now!) the birds are singing; new birds are arriving every day from their winter migration and plants are springing up everywhere – spring can actually support our wellbeing.

What do I do?

We’re starting an Everyday Wild Challenge – find the latest on our facebook group, Active Communities Going Wild, and follow how everyone else is doing. Have a go, share what you see, experience or make and post on social media using #brumtogether

Keep to the 2 metre distance, only go with people you live with and limit time outside to one piece of exercise a day.

Keep it local; Birmingham has 591 parks and public green spaces, all still open

Everything we suggest can either be done at home, in your garden if you have one, or in your local patch of green space.

Everyday a Wild Day!

Each day of the week we will share a wild challenge on Active Communities Going Wild – it might be encouraging you to notice something new emerging this spring like flowers or discovering new bird song. It might be some ideas to help you grow some food or plants on your windowsill or garden. We’ll find some nature-based crafts to keep you and your family entertained. We will even try to find some games to play to keep you active.

We’d love to hear your stories about the wild challenge. What have you seen, or heard, made or experienced? Have these ideas changed the way you or your family are spending your time, has it made you think, or act or feel differently? We’d love it you share stories with us. And don’t forget to use social media too #brumtogether

Being Wild is an important part of building a thriving, active community.  Wild is about creating places for people and nature to thrive together.  It is about overcoming the complex barriers that prevent being outdoors in a natural environment becoming an everyday occurrence for so many of us.

Why Wild?

From Project Wild Thing a great introduction to the science of nature and how it can support us through the next few weeks, even if we just take time to notice it through our windows – watch the full 80 film for free here

Wild is about connecting to one another in meaningful ways and remembering our connection to the places we live and everything else that lives there. Wild exists in Birmingham and Solihull and we want to celebrate it and encourage us all to experience it.