‘’It is with immense sadness that we recently learned of the death of one of our founder board members and leading lights of our organisation, the force of nature that was Dr Carol Coombes OBE.

Carol was an amazing inspiration to everybody at The Active Wellbeing Society. She was fierce and quirky, intuitive and strategic, an empathe who understood the journeys of those who were at the edge of our communities. She stood proudly for the ordinary woman, and man…  She championed for those who didn’t have it to champion for themselves. She was real and brilliant all at once. She taught us many valuable lessons and the world is a better place for her time here.

The Active Wellbeing Society want to work to offer a legacy from her involvement with our organisation and our city. Over the coming months we will work with her family to identify the most fitting tribute to the amazing woman, colleague, board member, grandmother, mother, and friend, best friend that was and always will be Carol Coombes.

In time The Active Wellbeing Society will remember her with a joy and lightness that comes with remembering those that are truly great. For now, we are heavy of heart as we slip into the past tense for the woman whose presence was so very vibrant and real. She was loved and she will be sorely missed.’’

By Karen Creavin, Chief Executive of The Active Wellbeing Society

About Dr Carol Coombes OBE

Carol was the senior partner in the strengths-based consultancy Cracking Leadership. She was a globally recognised figure in strengths-based Leadership Talent-Spotting and Development. Awarded in November 2009 what is held to be the first (and still the only) OBE in history that cites Services to Leadership, along with Charitable work. Fellow of the Institute for Leadership and Management. Awarded a Doctorate from Birmingham City University for Outstanding Contribution to Business.

The only non-white woman to appear in the first ever West Midlands Power 50 list. Regular and International keynote speaker in various high level business disciplines including Leadership, Corporate Sustainability, O.D Change and Challenge, Social Enterprise, Identifying and using your natural strengths.

Diagnosed with cancer classed as terminal in early 2017, Carol established Cracking Wellness, now being developed by The Active Wellbeing Society, as the first collation of wellness data, and intelligent usage of current data

Separately, she’s called for open debate re ownership of the UK Cannabis Industry, which she believes should be used to fund Essential Public Services and find kinder approaches to wellness.

Even whilst she was unable to work, Carol leveraged influence and invaluable networks across all sectors to urge/ facilitate joined up thinking, helping people to find new solutions to old (and new) challenges. Her employment included: CEO of one of the largest Advice agencies in the world, Regional Senior Programme Director for a global charitable trust, Director of Social Enterprise for enterprises delivering across the UK.

Delighted Mother to 4, Nan to 6 (shares in an additional 2)