Climate Change – How you can Trump Donald Trump

What can you do in the school holidays that brings up questions about climate change and is fun with kids? At Climathon our youngest participants – Sasha and Freya, aged nine – came up with plenty of ideas, one of which was a card game.

Top Trumps was big in my childhood – back then it was racing cars and football, but apparently the game has made a comeback, and when we asked a Woodcraft Folk group of 24 children aged six to ten, nearly all had played it and were enthusiastic to make our own ‘Climate Change’ Top trumps pack.

Pack of cards coming together.

A small working group met beforehand to work out the difficult task of choosing the ‘categories’.  How can you compare the devastating effects of a hurricane with litter picking? How can you measure the impact of sea levels rising? And everyone grappled with the key question, ‘How can you Trump Donald Trump?’

After an hour and a half, with a short break for biscuits and ‘Sharks and Fish’ ( a bit like British Bulldogs), we didn’t quite get to play the game, but our Climate Change Top Trumps will be ready for release before Christmas – if you’re interested don’t go looking in the shops – find some friends and make your own!

One of the Donald Trump cards made
The impact of rising sea levels
The impact of rising sea levels
Storms and lightning – what is the human cost of climate change?

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