Challenge 10 – Symbol of Joy

Symbol of Hope and Joy 🌟

We look at Spring and Easter as a time of hope and joy, so this weeks overall theme is hope and connection. Today’s challenge over the course of the week is to have a fully assembled symbol of hope by Easter Saturday, using objects from your garden or found on your daily walk! 🍂🌻

Once your symbol is complete don’t forget to send us pictures 📸

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Plantlife International “Code of Conduct” for picking wildflowers

Here are eight things to remember when picking any of the twelve wild flowers marked with the “Twelve to Pick” icon.

1.    Make sure you’re not trespassing on any private land.

2.    Never pick flowers from nature reserves or any other protected sites (such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest) without prior permission from the landowner.

3.    Only pick from large patches of abundant flowers, leaving plenty of flowers for others to enjoy, to set seed, and to provide other wildlife with pollen, nectar, seed or shelter.

4.    Follow the one-in-twenty rule, picking one flower out of every twenty you find. You should never diminish the display.

5.    Only pick a small handful of flowers for personal use, you must never pick for commercial gain.

6.    Don’t trample other flowers or vegetation.

7.    Never uproot any plant unless you have the landowner’s permission, and be aware that some plants (listed on Schedule 8 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act) cannot be picked without a licence

8.    If in doubt, don’t pick. If you don’t know the identity of a plant, leave it where it is. Take a photograph instead and try and identify it at home first.

Marcus Belben
Author: Marcus Belben

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