Celebrating Black History

Alice making smoothies at Chris Bryant Centre

This weekend we were in Erdington to celebrate the lives of Black people in Birmingham’s community who have made a significant contribution, as part of Black History Month 2018.

VEP, the event organisers work to support the less privileged in Birmingham as well as orphaned children in Gambia and Nigeria, and donations were collected on the day for this cause.

We provided freee smoothies for the people attending alongside other table stalls all gathered to celebrate Black People in Birmingham.

Sister Gloria from the Church of God of Prophecy displays knitted items to raise donations.
Sister Gloria from West Park Community Centre displays knitted items made by a group working there to raise donations.

Among the notable lives we celebrated:

Sandra Joseph of Teen Girls

Patsy Nelson of Voice Against Crime

Tony Keppy of Living with Diabetes

Mr Handsworth (Hector Pinkney)

Mrs Eunice McGhie-Belgrave

Performances included Ruth Ekumelo’s Destiny Children, Corn Rows by Chauntelle, Poundland man (Osirus).

We were joined by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, herself a ground-breaking black woman, being the first Black person born in Birmingham to hold the office of Lord Mayor.

Event organiser, Veronica Ainetor, with the Lord Mayor of Birmingham

The event marked the formal launching of VEP Community Befriending Project, creating a place where people living in isolation get the opportunity to  meet and socialise with others and to build a health forum that aims to promote wellness and wholeness within the community.

As we were reminded by the Lord Mayor, while there is a proud history of achievements in Birmingham by Black people, these deserve better recognition and continuing community action to celebrate and improve the lives of all Birmingham people.

Veronica Ainetor added, ‘I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved.  We want to bring our community together celebrating the skills and passions of people within our community…We work with the orphans, the needy, the unloved to meet the needs of vulnerable children in Africa.  We must care for our fellow human beings.’

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