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Going WILD in Birmingham

Active Communities

Over the past few months the Wellbeing Team have been in Handsworth visiting people to find out more about the community and it’s community activists. ‘Active Communities’ event in Handsworth is the first event in a series to bring people together to make things better locally across Birmingham.


Active Streets five years on and growing

Green Flags and Green Shoots in Northfield

Great beginnings for Book Club at Stanhope Hall

Reading a book can be very private experience, so why share what you read?  I met Angela Bernard, a volunteer from Stanhope Hall Wellbeing to talk about her new book club, and why she thinks books are for sharing. (more…)

20th February 2018  |  Marcus Belben

Representation of Birmingham People

Representation of the People Act 1918

One hundred years ago on 6th February 1918, the Representation of the People Act was voted for, extending the vote to working class men and, for the first time, some women. (more…)

15th January 2018  |  Marcus Belben

Festive Season: ✓

Xmas on Woodville Road

Xmas on Woodville Road

Well Christmas has been and gone and I think we’ve said happy new year to just about everyone, anyone missed, Happy New Year! (more…)

10th January 2018  |  Alice Trevallion

Making an exhibition of your Culture

Keeping Remembrance Alive

Remembrance World War One

War memorials are something you’ll find all over our city and in surprising places, and where better to start finding out about our World War One heritage than paying a visit?  That’s what Paganel Primary School did this Friday, to perhaps the most significant World War One memorial in Birmingham – Lodge Hill Cemetery, where 498 soldiers from all over the Commonwealth are buried. (more…)

12th November 2017  |  Marcus Belben

Measuring the impact of 20mph