BBC News online coverage: Aston Villa kitchen to cook hot meals for vulnerable

Aston Villa Football Club’s Foundation has become one of the latest organisations to get behind the #BrumTogether campaign.

The foundation has expanded its Villa Kitchen so that it can cook up to 500 hot meals each week.

The club’s working with us, as we continue to co-ordinate the food parcels, as well as deliveries of hygiene, baby and children’s supplies, in conjunction with partners, including the The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham.

For more details on how the Villa Kitchen’s being used to help support the food element of the #BrumTogether campaign, check out this BBC News online story, which was published on April 27.

In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about #BrumTogether or need food, hygiene, baby or children’s supplies, visit

To make a donation (all money received will go directly to the purchase of food items, hygiene packs, baby packs and activity packs for kids) visit

Sanina Kaur
Author: Sanina Kaur