The Active Streets concept was inspired by Playing Out, a parent-let movement in Bristol which was started by neighbours who felt frustrated that children’s outdoor play was restricted by traffic. This grassroots movement spread into a national campaign in 2013 with the support of funding from the Department of Health and in partnership with Play England, London Play and the University of Bristol.

Building upon the already growing momentum, Active Streets was launched following the National Playday in August 2013, in which three streets in Birmingham closed their roads to allow children to play.

Watch the video below to find out about Playing Out- which inspired future Active Streets.

The Active Streets project started out as a movement to encourage children to play outside, but now has a broad focus which nurtures social cohesion and community development. Active Streets is part of our Active Communities programme which seeks to create innovative solutions to make it easier for people to access social and physical activity. Active Streets have a range of links to our other projects such as gardening, plogging, Big Feed, walking groups and much more.

Active Streets is committed to creating a safe space for children to plan, for conversations to happen, and for community spirit to grow. We are in touch with an extensive network of local authority services and partner organisations that can help with street events and matters within your neighbourhood.