Bosworth and why our playing fields matter

Hitting the target at Bosworth Wood

We talked to Andy Warmington from Inclusive Sports about Bosworth Wood playing fields, and why they’re so important.

Located in the middle of Smiths Wood housing estate in North Solihull there’s an old school playing field – Bosworth Wood Primary is now closed, but it’s playing fields are an important green space for local people. We talked to Andy Warmington from Inclusive Sports about why the playing fields are so important to his community. Andy is one of many local people who is involved in activities in the playing fields.

Andy is part of Inclusive Sports Academy, based at the Enterprise Centre, 1 Hedingham Grove, Birmingham B37 7TW, and helps organise weekly multi-sports activities with Cars Area Big Local.

‘It gives the opportunity for children in the area to take part in physical activity, to make friends, to keep fit and have a healthy lifestyle…other groups in the community are able to use this space, children, families, dog walkers…it’s a public space so people can use it as they wish.  It’s right in the heart of the area, in walking distance for a number of families that live in Smiths Wood and its on a bus route.  People are able to walk to activities…Families have commented that they are very happy for their children to walk here to take part in activities.’

Andy Warmington, Inclusive Sports

We will be supporting a day of activities at Auckland Hall and Bosworth Wood Playing Field on Saturday afternoon 17th April – find out more from Cars Area Big Local

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